Patrick Moffett

Pat Moffett is presently Vice President, Global Logistics & Customs Compliance at VOXX International Corp.  He began his career in the Bill of Lading department for an ocean cargo carrier at just 17 years old. After serving in the U.S. Army for 2 years including 14 months in Vietnam, Pat re-entered the business world and held positions as Direct Import manager at J.C. Penney and Director of Transportation for LaFayette Electronics before joining VOXX (formally Audiovox) in 1980. In 1982 Pat founded and is still chairman of the Long Island Import-Export Association.


The goal of the association is to help manufacturers, importers, exporters and “start-up” companies expand their knowledge of international trade. Moffett has received many awards throughout his career.  He was named “Man of the Year” US Customs Columbia Association, “Long Island International Executive of the Year” and the “Alzheimer’s Association Humanitarian of the Year” among others. Pat is the author of the critically acclaimed book “Fortunate Solider” about his service during the Vietnam War, and one of the few comedies ever written about the conflict. Moffett’s second book is called “Ice Cream in the Cupboard” about his families struggle with early onset Alzheimer Disease.  This book has also been translated in Spanish and Chinese.

Pat is a resident of Great Neck, New York where he has lived for the past 45 years. 

Vice President, International Logistics & Government Compliance, Voxx International Corp. 

Highly Decorated Vietnam Veteran

Lifetime Member Vietnam Veterans of America

Lifetime Member 101st Airborne Division Association

Chairman & Founder, Long Island Import-Export Association (1982 to present)

Long Island International Executive of the Year 1998

Top 20 Logistics Executives in the United States 2002

Author, Fortunate Soldier 2003

Author, Ice Cream in the Cupboard 2008 (Translated into Spanish 2011)

“Man of the Year” U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Columbia Association 2012

Tikkum Olam Award, Yellow Rose Society 2012

Alzheimer’s Association, Humanitarian of the Year 2014

“Person of the Year” Nassau County Deputy Sheriff’s Association 2017