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Letters to Pat


I recently was leant a copy of your book Fortunate Soldier and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading it. So many of the stories that you wrote above were so similar to my experience. I came from Ridgewood, Brooklyn, New York. Drafted in December 1965 and spent all of 1967 in 9th Admin Co, 9th Infantry Division, Bear Cat Vietnam. I along with another guy in the company are trying to get a hold of as many of the guys as possible. I would like to send each of them a copy of your book however; I have been unable to find it in any of the traditional book stores. I now live in Gilbert, Arizona - a suburb of Phoenix. Is there anywhere either in Arizona or via mail order that you can suggest that I can purchase 6 copies?

Thanks for your help. Thanks for reviving some fond memories of my Viet Nam life 43 years ago.


Best regards,

A Viet Nam buddy,

Syl Hank

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