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Ice Cream in the Cupboard

Pat Moffett married Carmen in 1976 and moved to Great Neck Long Island where they raised their five children together. In 1998, Pat was recognized as Long Island's International Executive of the Year. That same year, Carmen was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's.

After years of struggling with the disease, Carmen was finally admitted to a nursing home. It was then that Pat decided to write a book based on his and Carmen's love story and its tragic turn after she was diagnosed, the internationally acclaimed ICE CREAM IN THE CUPBOARD (ICIC). 

After Carmen's death in 2010, Pat continued to work with the Alzheimer's Association and Carmen's doctor, Gisele Wolf-Klein, raising awareness and providing support for the caregivers and loved ones of Early-Onset Alzhimer's victims. In 2012, he received the Tikkun Olam Award (Translation: Repairer of Lives) from the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center. In 2014, he was recognized by the Alzheimer's Association as Humanitarian of the Year. Pat's dream is to honor Carmen and to provide hope and comfort to as many people as possible who have been affected by Alzheimer's. He brought his book to the big screen with the purpose of helping even more families understand this devastating illness.




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Pat Moffett served as Vice President, Global Logistics & Customs Compliance at VOXX International Corp from 1980 to 2017.  He began his career in the Bill of Lading department for an ocean cargo carrier at just 17 years old. 


Ice Cream in the Cupboard

It started with strange behavior—a hostile outburst here, a peculiar lapse of memory there. Then it became violent. The beautiful, vivacious Carmen Moffett was behaving in ways her husband Pat could not understand. Their marriage had been a long love affair. Together, they raised five beautiful children and were looking forward to planning their retirement together. Then came the outbursts, both verbal and physical, and the forgetting. Confused and increasingly nervous, Pat consulted doctors, but no one could find anything physically wrong with Carmen. Worse yet, she could not remember doing the things that rattled Pat. Finally, several years later, incidents at Carmen's workplace forced her to another doctor, who diagnosed the devastating illness. As she slipped away, Carmen reached out for Pat. He was the one she could remember, even if she did not always know exactly who he was. With remarkable grace and an incredibly strong will, Carmen accepted that she was fading.

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Ice Cream In The Cupboard

"A touching story of a husband's undying love. Pat Moffett offers hope and comfort to patients, caregivers and anyone who must deal with Alzheimer's disease in this agonizing tale, which is a testament to the endurance of the human heart".
                                                                                             -The New York Times Book Review


Early-onset Alzheimer's is an uncommon form of dementia that strikes people younger than age 65. Of all the people who have Alzheimer's disease, about 5 percent develop symptoms before age 65. So if 4 million Americans have Alzheimer's, at least 200,000 people have the early-onset form of the disease.

What is E.O.A?


The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research.

Affiliations & Awards

  • Spotlight Caregiver Advocate—Long Island Alz & Dementia Center, 2021

  • Person of the Year—Nassau County Deputy Sheriffs Association, 2017

  • Humanitarian of the Year—Alzheimer's Association, 2014

  • Man of the Year—U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Columbia Association, 2012

  • Top 20 Logistics Executives in the United States, 2002

  • Chairman & Founder, Long Island Import-Export Association







Pat Moffett is the author of the critically acclaimed book Fortunate Soldier, about his service during the Vietnam War. He is a lifetime member of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

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Fortunate Soldier

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